What are five childhood events which have the greatest impact on McCourt and how does each one change him?

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At the age of 2 he and his brother Malachy are on the seesaw and Malachy bites his tongue and bleeds profusely while playing, and the blood stuns McCourt. McCourt sees a dead dog with blood on its' eyes, which he compares to the bloody tongue Malachy has suffered. This confuses McCourt, leaves him his earliest memory and philosophical conundrum what is death?

Frank was only 4 years old, his parents make the choice of moving from the US back to Ireland. With this choice the McCourts become poorer and this event sets the stage for the upcoming events in Franks life.

Perhaps most important event in Franks life would have to be the fact that his father left his family when he was eleven. This leaves Frank's mother with four children to raise with little money and hardly enough food to get by. Through this though McCourt learns to feel a sense of independence but also becomes depressed.

McCourt drops out of school at the young ripe age of thirteen. He and his family struggle with everyday life with an answer to this McCourt finds odd jobs and practices petty theft.

When McCourt receives his first communion he goes to see a movie James Cagney. The only problem he didn't have any money, so he and Mikey Molloy had to create a diversion so that he could gain entrance. It is a bit symbolic to knowingly and purposely commit a sin on your first communion, leading us to believe that this event allowed McCourt more easily commit sin in the future no matter the circumstances

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