what are the 5 chemical eq with heated sulphur ?

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Sulphur reacts not so easy at normal temperature, but heated, suplhur reacts with hydrogen, oxygen, metals, nitric acid and sulphuric acid.

The sulphur reacts with hydrogen and the product of reaction is sulphydric acid or hydrogen sulphide, such that:

`S + H_2 = H_2S`

The sulphur reacts with oxygen and the product of reaction is sulphur dioxide, such that:

`S + O_2 = SO_2`

`SO_2 + H_2O -> H_2SO_3`

The sulphur reacts with some metals such that:

`S+ M = M^n_2 S^(II)_n` (M represents one metal, such that: Al,Zn,Fe,Hg)

The sulphur reacts with nitric acid such that:

`3S + 4HNO_3 = 3SO_2 + 4NO + 2H_2O`

The sulphur reacts with sulphuric acid such that:

`S + 2H_2SO_4 = 3SO_2 + 2H_2O`

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