What are 5 biotic factors in a marine ecosystem?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Organisms and their immediate environment, with which they interact, together constitute the ecosystem. The various factors that affect an ecosystem can be divided into 2 classes: biotic factors and abiotic factors. The biotic factors include all the living organisms in the ecosystem, while the abiotic factors include the non-living factors. 

In a marine ecosystem, some of the biotic factor are algae, fungi, microorganisms (such as bacteria), plants, animals and corals. These living beings compete against each other for food and resources, are part of the predator-prey relation, and also include the decomposers. 

A number of abiotic factors also affect the marine ecosystem. These factors include, sunlight, dissolved oxygen and other gases, nutrients, salt content, etc. 

Many of these biotic and abiotic factors work in concert to affect the health of the marine ecosystem.

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