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What were five political issues of the Democratic-Republican party and the Whig party? I need this info for a project.

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The opposing issues of the Democratic-Republicans and the Whigs (National Republican Whig Party 1829-1837) were caused by factions (conflicting political ideas) within the Democratic-Republican party. As a result those in the Democratic-Republican party who were small farmers, pioneers, and the small slaveholding farmers split with those in the party who were eastern bankers and merchant businessmen. The bankers and merchants became the new Whig party.  The conflicting issues:

1. territorial expansion- Dem-Reps favored it/Whigs were divided

2. the protective tariff- Dem-Reps opposed a high tariff/ Whigs favored a high tariff.

3. the Second Bank of the U.S.-Dem-Reps opposed it/ Whigs favored it.

4. slavery- southern Dem-Reps viewed it as their right to own property, western Dem-Reps were undecided on the issue/Whigs were either against it or wanted to halt it from spreading into the west.

5. immigration- Dem-Reps opposed it/ Whigs favored it

It must be noted that by the 1850's the Whigs fall apart and the Democratic-Republicans split again, this time geographically--north and south.

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If you're talking about the Democratic-Republicans from the days of Jefferson, here are some beliefs:

  • Were in favor of the French Revolution.
  • Supported the French in the Napoleonic Wars with England.
  • Believed in an agrarian country -- based on farming
  • Believed more than the Federalists in democracy -- trusted the people more.
  • Didn't trust the national government -- wanted the states to have more power.

The Whigs:

  • Thought Andrew Jackson took too much power for himself
  • Believed that people were born unequal
  • So they believed it was okay for there to be rich and poor
  • Believed that we need equality of opportunity, not equality of results
  • Wanted to promote industry -- use the government to do this.

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