what is 4 ways the book 1984 descripes the future?  

simoncat | Student

This is a post-apocolyptic dystopia to be sure. There is nothing positive about this future. I'd think that I'd rather overdose on Victory Gin and choke to death on my own vomit than live in this world. Anyhow, here are four ways the future is described.


1. Autocratic rule. Outer Party members live for the Party, that is all.


2. Most of London (Airstrip One) is a dirty wasteland full of Proles who live in a giant slum.


3. The outer party members are really completely brainwashed or so scared and paranoid that they act completely brainwashed. This place makes North Korea look like the campus at Berkeley.


4. Children are essentially brought up on party propoganda by various branches of the Party. Parents are frightened of their kids.