What are 4 points of rejection in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

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There are numerous places within Mary Shelley's Frankenstein which illustrate rejection. 

-Victor Frankenstein rejects his creation upon its first convulsing breath. He is no longer enamored with the creature he created for its beauty. Instead, he is horrified by it and abandons (rejects) it. 

-Victor Frankenstein rejects the warnings of his family. They beg him t return home and abandon his studies. Victor refuses. 

-The Creature rejects humanity. He realizes that humanity has rejected him; therefore, he leaves the world of man after Victor's death. 

-Elizabeth rejects the idea that Justine could have murdered William. She refuses to believe that Justine could have killed him. 

- Victor Frankenstein rejects the Creature's proposal at first. He does not wish to make a new being and mate for the original. Although he does agree, Victor rejects the new being and tears it apart. 

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