What are four character traits of Cherry Valance in The Outsiders?  With proof from the book.  

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Cherry Valance, the redheaded Soc cheerleader in The Outsiders, is a knockout--"a real looker." She has gotten her nickname (her real name is Sherri) because of the color of her hair, and she is appreciative of Pony's and Johnny's intervention when she is accosted by Dallas Winston. Cherry is friendly and outgoing, and she doesn't seem to mind that the two boys are greasers. But she doesn't appreciate Dally's rude behavior and shows her own bravery when she tosses the Coke in Dally's face. Although Cherry immediately likes Pony and Johnny because they "are too sweet to scare anyone," it becomes obvious that she likes boys who are dangerous. She is the girlfriend of Bob Sheldon, the Soc with the rings who had badly beaten Johnny and who will later try to drown Pony. Cherry also admits that she is attracted to Dally:

"I could fall in love with Dallas Winston," she said. "I hope I never see him again, or I will."

She shares a bond with Pony through their love of reading and sunsets, and she proves to be a loyal friend to him when she serves as a "spy" for the greasers, reporting to Dally that the Socs will honor their agreement not to use weapons in the upcoming rumble. She later testifies in Pony's behalf at the court hearing. Although she comes from a rich family and drives a Corvette Sting Ray, she explains to Pony that she has problems, too.

"Things are rough all over."