what are 4 changes that happen during exhalation?  can u list them plaza.

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During exhalation:

  • The internal intercostal muscles contract, moving the ribcage down and in.
  • The abdominal muscles contract, pushing the diaphragm up into a dome shape.
  • These muscle movements decrease the volume of the thorax.
  • The pressure inside the thorax therefore rises above atmospheric pressure.
  • Air flows out from the lungs to outside the body until the pressure inside the lungs falls to atmospheric pressure.
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changes that happen during exhalation :-

♣ diaphragm relaxes and moves upward, decresing the volume of chest cavity.

♣ due to diaphragm lungs contract.

♣ pectoralis and intercostal muscles relax.

♣ As such movements takes place they reduce the pressure of air inside the lungs. Due to high pressure inside the lungs and low pressure outside the body air from the lungs moves out of the body called exhalation 

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