What were Nixon's accomplishments as president? 

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Richard Nixon's greatest achievement was president was to open diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China.  Before Nixon, the US and China had had no diplomatic relations.  Nixon felt that relations with China could help to put pressure on the Soviet Union.  Therefore, he embarked on a secret intiative to open relations with them.  This intiative ended up succeeding and it is seen as Nixon's most important positive accomplishment as president.

One could argue that another accomplishment of Nixon was the end of the Vietnam War.  Although the US did not win this war, Nixon managed to finally get the US out of the war.

Of course, Nixon is best remembered for the fact that he had to resign his office because of the Watergate scandal.

renechang | Student

Were the two issues related?  Thre was a coup attempt in China to prevent the rapprochement.  What about the US?  Could there b a similar plot?

After 40 years, we are beginning to question the inconsistencies of the Watergate story.

Read my book - Watergate - The Political Assasination which has to be a docu-fiction for legal reasons for an aternate interpretation.

Why was the arrest at the THIRD attempt at break-in not reported more widely?
Why did the dollar notes on the arrested raiders have consecutive serial numbers?
Why was Howard Hunt's name in the address books of TWO of the four arrested Cubans?

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Rene Chang

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