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What is 4,567,083.2937 rounded to the nearest tenth?

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4, 567, 083.2937

To round the number to the nearest tenth, we need to look at the 10th dicimal number which is 2.

We need to round 2 to either 2 or 3

If the nember of the right 5 or greater, then we round to 3

if the number on the right is less than 5, the number stays 2.

since the number on the right is 9 > 5 then we round to th next number which is 3.

Then the number rounded to the nearest 10th is:


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Wiggin42 | Student

We need to determine 4,567,083.2937 rounded to the nearest tenth. 

The rules for rounding say to look at the number in the place next to the digit in question. If that number is 5 or higher, round up. If it is 4 or lower, round down. So your number becomes


neela | Student

The given number is  4567083.2937.

To round this to the nearest 10th.

So we have th decide which is the tenths around 456083.2937.

 Obviously the  upper  tenth is 4567083.3 and the lower tenth is

4567083.2. Which tenth is near?

If we choose  4567083.3, then the distance  of this number from the actual number on the number line is |4567083.3 - 4567083.2937| = 0.0063......(1)

If we choose the number 4567083.2, then the distance of this number between the actual number on the number is  |4567083.2 - 4567083.2937| =0.0937.......(2)

So from (1) and (2) between the two numbers , it is proved that 4567083.3 is nearer on the number line.

If we chose any other number , the distance will increase further. So we have to choose  the number 456083.3 as the nearest tenth.

william1941 | Student

As we need to round 4,567,083.2937 to the nearest tenth, the result would be either 4,567,083.2 or 4,567,083.3

This depends on the value of the hundredth digit. If it is greater than 5 the tenth digit is increased by 1 and if it is 5 or less than 5 the tenth digit is left as it is.

Here, the hundredth digit is 9 which is greater than 5, therefore the tenth digit is raised by 1 or made 3.

The number rounded to the nearest tenth is equal to 4,567,083.3

peace21 | Student