What are 3 ways that North Carolina was prepared for the Civil War?

Expert Answers
scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.  Before the war began, North Carolina was inhabited by those who were fiercely loyal to states' rights and their traditional way of life, but it also contained a large number of abolitionists.  In fact, historians estimate that at least 15,000 North Carolinians ended up fighting for the Union.  Because this tension between the two factions existed long before the war, North Carolinians were used to choosing a side and sticking with it.  When the war began, many of them did not have to struggle with which cause to identify, and so the state provided ready-to-fight troops at the war's onset.

2.  Secondly, North Carolina had a well-stocked arsenal before the war began. They were able to provide guns quickly to Confederate forces.

3. Finally, North Carolina, had an impressive male population when the war started. Obviously, this is not something that was planned, but it certainly helped put North Carolinians at the forefront of the war. While this population fact certainly helped Confederate forces at the war's beginning, in the end it was devastating to the people of North Carolina--it lost more men in the war than any other Southern state.