What are three ways Abigail Williams from The Crucible represents manipulation?Please help. Also put quotes if you have an answer.

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One distinct example of Abigail's manipulation can be found in the shift in personality from the start of Act I, scene one to the end of it.  As the play opens, she is demure and appearing to be very obedient.  Yet, when she is with the other girls, her manipulation is evident.  She is able to bully the other girls into submission of what she wants.  She is able to wrangle their wills, threaten them with violence and exclusion, and shows her manipulative side.  This is also seen in the second scene of the First Act, when she is with John.  She is able to coyly and so easily talk about how there is no fear of witches, but rather kids having fun.  Her confrontation with John starts off as tender and innocent, and then moves into sexual and quite manipulative when she starts to insult he and Elizabeth.  I think that the best example of manipulation is how Abigail is able to twist Mary Warren's testimony in open court.  The fear of "the yellow bird" and the way in which she is able to use the group to break Mary's will, to the point where she runs into Abigail's arms and a small smile cracks across her face in the process, demonstrates the height of her powers of manipulation.

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Well she is always lying. She had a chance to tell the truth at the very start but did not. Also she threatened the other girls and told them if they turned on her she would kill them.