What are 3 uses of neutralization?  

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Seema Adiga eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The reaction between an acid and a base give a salt and water is known as neutralization reaction. In general, a neutralization reaction can be written as

Base + Acid --------> Salt + Water

example: `NaOH + HCl ---gt NaCl + H_2 O`

If a strong acid and strong base react it gives salt of neutral nature.

If strong acid and week base react then the formed salt is acidic

similarly strong base and a week acid react the salt is basic in nature.

The uses of neutralization reaction

1. Tooth decay or cavities

Chocolates and decaying food particles produce acid in our mouth which reacts with enamel i.e. calcium phosphate and leads to cavities. Using toothpaste while brushing help to neutralize the acid since toothpaste is a base.


2. Gastric patients

Anti-acids or antacids are medicines containing bases such as `NaHCO_3 ` (sodium bicarbonate) `Mg(OH)_2` (magnesium hydroxide) neutralize excess of acid in stomach.


3. To treat acidic soils

Plants do not grow well in acidic soils. Bases like `CaO` , `CaCO_3` , ashes of burnt wood are added to the soil to neutralize its acidity.

Similarly basic soils are treated with acids to neutralize its basic nature.


4. To treat wasp-stings

Wasp stings are basic in nature. Vinegar which is acetic acid, is used to cure wasp-stings as it neutralizes the stings.