In "The Most Dangerous Game" what are three tricks Rainsford uses to throw Zaroff off his trail?

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Because Rainsford is an experienced hunter, he uses knowledge of trap making and stalking prey to trey to avoid Zaroff's pursuit. 

One of the first manuevers he makes is to double over his path to avoid being easily tracked. He does not simply run in a straight line, allowing Zaroff to follow and predict his next move. However, this trick is not all that useful.

Rainsford also uses the natural materials available in order to make a snare for to injure Zaroff. Again, Zaroff recognizes the trap before it is useful for Rainsford, but Zaroff is impressed.

Finally, a useful trick that does work is in the end when Rainsford is chased to the rocky edge of the island, he leaps towards the ocean and seemingly his death. Zaroff gives up in his pursuit, but we find that Rainsford was able to survive when he shows up behind Zaroff's curtain in his bedroom.

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