What are three things that motivate Sodapop in The Outsiders?Please include the page of the book that supports it... Thank You!

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RUMBLING.  Like many of the greasers, Soda loves to fight. For him, it's all about the

"... action. It's a contest. Like a drag race or dance of something."  (Chapter 9)

The Curtis brothers always get "spruced up" for a rumble, and Soda made sure to put extra hair oil in his hair. Like Darry, he has never been beaten in a fight, and he looks after Pony during their battle with the Socs.

SANDY.  Sandy is Soda's girlfriend, and Soda is in love with her and dreams of marrying her one day. Sandy is someone special.

Soda was no innocent; I had been in on bull sessions and his bragging was as loud as anyone's. But never about Sandy. Not ever about Sandy.  (Chapter 7)

But Sandy suddenly announces that she is leaving Tulsa to move in with her grandmother in Florida. She is pregnant, and Soda offers to marry her, but Sandy turns him down. Pony later finds out that it is someone else's baby, not Soda's.

HIS BROTHERS.  Soda always defends Pony during the arguments with Darry, and he is proud of Pony's good grades and intelligence. But he loves, Darry, too. He often rubs Darry's shoulders after a hard day at work, and he proudly jokes about Darry's muscles. He also understands his responsibilities to Darry and Pony: Although Soda loves Sandy and wants to marry her, he tells Pony that he hopes to get a better job first.

"... I might wait until you get out of school, though. So I can help Darry with the bills and stuff."  (Chapter 1)