In The Bronze Bow, what three things is Daniel amazed to discover that Leah knows how to do?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 11, when Daniel begins to live with his sister after their grandmother's death, he is surprised to learn that Leah is not as weak and helpless as he thought she was. Firstly, he learns that she is an expert weaver who is paid well by clients for the skill in her work. Secondly she is able to bake bread and thirdly she knows how to tend a garden. This causes Daniel to radically reassess his own thoughts and feelings about his sister:

Without the faintest idea of what had really gone on in that dim shuttered house behind the cheesemakers, he had taken for granted that Leah had lost her wits on the terrible night of her childhood. Was he any better, he thought now with shame, than the neighbours who would have tied her with ropes?

Leah thus shows herself to be far more capable than Daniel would ever have imagined, and he is shocked to see what she is able to do and also disturbed by his own prejudice and assumptions about his sister, who clearly has aspects to her character that he is completely unaware of.