Illustration of Buck in the snow with mountains in the background

The Call of the Wild

by Jack London

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What are 3 questions for chapters 4 and 5 that you have to think about and just always find in the text?    

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It sounds like this question is asking for a mixture of level 1 and higher questions. Level 1 questions are going to be questions that have factual based answers that can be found in the text. For example, in chapter 4, you could ask about which dog is made team leader. You could also ask which dog dies in this chapter. For chapter 5, you could ask a straightforward question about who Buck's new owners are. You mention questions that "you have to think about." I believe those are level 2 and higher questions. The answers to these questions have to be inferred from the text and defended with pieces of evidence that have been learned throughout the literature piece. Ask about the symbolism of Buck's dream and the primitive man in chapter 4. For chapter 5, ask characterization questions about Mercedes and the men she is with. For example, ask why Mercedes, Hal, and Charles are completely unprepared for the wild despite the plethora of gear they are attempting to haul.

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Here are some questions.

For Chapter 4:

  1. Why does Francois say that with Spitz dead there will be no more troublt?
  2. Why did Buck finally agree to come and get hitched up?
  3. What are we told in this chapter that shows that Buck is starting to hear the call of the wild?

For Chapter 5:

  1. How can you tell Hal, Charles and Mercedes don't know what they are doing?
  2. Why were Hal and Charles so harsh with the dogs?
  3. Why does John Thornton become so important to Buck?
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