What are three problems that the family faced on the island, any three problems, in The Swiss Family Robinson?  

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The Swiss Family Robinson faced a multitude of problems on the island after being abandoned by the crew in the storm.  The novel reads practically like a handbook on problem-solving.

Problem #1: Getting the Family to Safety. 

The crew took all of the lifeboats, leaving the family to die on the ship when it breaks up on the rocks.  Fortunately, the father and sons devise a clever homemade raft of barrels and life jackets to make reach the island safely.

Problem #2:  Dangerous Wildlife

Poisonous snakes, sharks, 30 foot long boa constrictors, packs of jackals, porcupines, bears.  The island is full of dangerous creatures.

Problem #3:  Surviving the Elements
The family has to carve out their own existence on the island, learning how to live off the land and beat their thirst and hunger, as well as protect themselves from the heat and rainy seasons. 


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