In The Magician's Nephew, what are three problems and their solutions?

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The most pressing problem in the story - certainly for the main character, Digory - is how to heal his mother, who is terminally ill. We are not told exactly what it is that she suffers from, but it is likely something like cancer. Digory loves her dearly but feels helpless about the situation. It seems there is no cure for her in this world, but, inadvertently, by means of magic rings created by his uncle Andrew, Digory is catapulted into other worlds, finding at last a magical apple with the power to heal. He is helped in this by Aslan, the great creator of the beneficent world of Narnia. He brings the apple back with him to this world, and when his mother eats it she is cured.Therefore an excursion into magical other worlds provides the solution to the central problem of the book.

Another problem develops in the course of the story, when Digory...

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