What are some positive ways in which humans interact with the environment?

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This depends to some extent on what your definition of a "positive" interaction with the environment is.  There are many people for whom building a dam would be a positive interaction with the environment because it would be a way of changing the environment to make it more convenient for people.

I imagine, though, that you are asking more about interactions that would help the environment or would at least not harm it.  Some examples of such interactions would be:

  • Hiking.  When people go hiking in the woods or in some other natural area, they benefit and the environment is generally not harmed.  The people get to interact with nature without doing anything serious to pollute or destroy it.  This can have the added benefit of making people care about the environment and want to save it.
  • Recycling.  When people do this, they are helping the environment.  They are making it so that not as many new resources will have to be extracted from the environment.
  • Ecotourism.  When people travel to see unspoiled environments, they give the residents of those areas incentives to conserve their natural environment.  This makes the environment economically important to its residents and makes them more likely to save it rather than destroying it.
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A positive interaction that humans have with the environment is saving animals that are endangered or injured. Unfortunately, not all humans are like this and sometimes we tend to hurt it, but there are many organizations out there that help animals heal when they cannot help themselves or might end up dead.

There are people out there who take care of orphaned baby animals. Without these people helping them, these babies are not able to survive in the wild.

The important thing is to educate people about how to make our world better instead of destroying it.