What are 3 physical characteristics of Connor with page references? 

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The first chapter is a good place to look for some physical descriptions of Connor.  My text might have slightly different page numbers, so I'll try to give a bit more information.  The second paragraph of the first chapter about Connor has information about his eye color.  Readers are told that Connor's eyes are brown.  We are also told that Connor has never changed his eye color with pigment injections.  In the next few sentences of the same paragraph, readers are told about Connor's skin.  He is tattoo free, and his skin is "tan" during the summer, but it is currently white and faded looking.  This paragraph closes with information about Connor's age.  He is 16.  

The next time that readers get a good physical description of Connor is in chapter 3.  This is Lev's introductory chapter.  The Connor description is near the end of the chapter.  That's when Connor physically removes Lev from the car and uses him as a human shield.  Readers are told that Connor hits Pastor Dan with a "quick powerful punch."  This hints to readers that Connor is either big or strong, or even both.  Next, readers see that Connor is strong enough to drag Lev away from the car, and Lev can't break free, because Connor is "much bigger."  

Lev is pulled to his feet again by the kid, who grabs Lev's arm and drags him off. Lev is small for his age. This kid is a couple of years older, and much bigger. Lev can't break free.

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