What are 3 metaphors for Cyrano de Bergerac?

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Well, let's see.  He's a poet and a fighter and a man who deeply loves.  He's also a bully when he thinks he's right.

1.  A bulldozer.  He is this when he literally forces Montfleury off the stage and single-handedly closes "La Clorisse."

2.  A moon. The moon is changeable yet constant, shining its light brightly at times and taking on the cover of darkness at others.

3.  A white plume.  A plume, of course, is a feather.  In a way it is fragile (they do break) and useful (as a writing utensil) and strong (for it is the fowl's best protection) and resilient (as it repels water)--and it is beautiful and it can soar. 

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