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What is the importance of 3 major concepts of Romanticism?

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Five defining characteristics of the Romantic Age of English literature (generally considered encompassing 1785-1830) are interest in the common man and childhood, strong emotions, awe of nature, celebration of the individual, and imagination. Let's take three of those traits and consider their importance. 

Interest in the common man: Since the time of Greek tragedies and epics, literature and poetry had often focused on noble protagonists; everyday people were not considered proper subjects to write about. This was partially because kings and aristocrats commissioned works of art, including literature, for themselves, and writers made money by writing for the royal court. Wordsworth and Coleridge used Lyrical Ballads  to make literature accessible to a broader audience, as they believed in a more egalitarian lifestyle that made the common man a fit subject for literature. With printed material becoming more accessible and literacy rates increasing, such a broadening of the scope of...

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