What are 3 main arguments as to why Satan is a hero in Paradise Lost? I need to be able to write a paragraph on each.

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In Milton's grand epic Pardise Lost Satan(i.e. the archangel lucifer) can undoubtedly be called the hero. The following are the three main arguments that I think are quite sufficient to testify this:

1.The major portion of the epic remains engaged in portraying Satan's character, his spirit and emotion in connection with the theme of the Fall of Man from the Paradise.

2.The undaunted spirit and valour of Satan that finds hope even in Hell that offers no dwelling for hope is diehard in its characteristic and quite comparable to that of the great ancient tragic heroes or Shakespearean tragic heroes, such as Macbeth.

3.Some of the great tragic heroes, as in Macbeth the protagonist also, become the prey of their own misdeeds and even have to go through repentance, doubt and despair. But they have no way left to return back from there. Such is the case with satan and he must be declared the hero of this majestic epic.

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