What are 3 key achievements of the Articles of confederation?

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There were several significant accomplishments of the Articles of Confederation. One of the accomplishments was that is helped our country begin to govern itself after the Revolutionary War ended. The Articles of Confederation had to resolve some issues to move forward. Once they did that, a plan of government was created that allowed us to govern ourselves. While the plan had weaknesses that were eventually exposed, it did allow our government to get off to a decent start as an independent nation.

Another significant accomplishment was it created a process for dealing with western lands. The Land Ordinance of 1785 divided western lands into townships and organized these lands so they could be sold. This helped to generate revenue for the government and allowed people to purchase land.

A third big accomplishment of the Articles of Confederation is it established a process for territories to become states. This was done with the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. When a territory reached 5000 free males, a legislature could be elected to work with the governor. Eventually, the territory would continue to grow. When the territory had 60,000 free citizens, the territory then could apply for statehood. This was a formal, organized process that was used to help territories become states.