What are three good and bad qualities of the characters in "Romeo & Juliet"?all the characters.

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'll start you off with with some "good" and "bad" qualities of some of the more major characters in the play. Whether each of these traits is good or bad is a matter of opinion, and what one readers says is a positive trait, another reader might defend otherwise.

Romeo is impetuous. He definitely has a sense of carpe diem about him. He tends to act first and think later. This trait is both good and bad. It's what initially allows him to go up to Juliet and start their romance in the first place. Unfortunately, this characteristic causes him to rush the relationship, kill Tybalt, kill Paris, and kill himself. What's odd about Romeo's impulsive traits is that he is willing to seek advice from men older and wiser than him. It's why the Friar is such a major character in the play.

The Friar is wise, patient, and kind-hearted. He is not a self-seeking individual. Yes, he does help with the marriage of Romeo and Juliet, and it is his plan that the marriage will end the feud; however, that is not a selfish goal. He truly believes it is best for everybody involved if the fighting ends. The Friar patiently listens to Romeo whine about lost love. He listens to Romeo about Juliet; however, the friar isn't afraid to speak his mind. When Romeo is complaining about being banished, the Friar forcefully tells Romeo that banishment is a blessing because Romeo is alive.

Let's look at one more character. Lord Capulet is a rich and powerful man. He also loves his daughter and wants what is best for her. Paris asks for Juliet's hand in marriage, and Lord Capulet defends his daughter's desires. He says that Juliet is still too young, and he says that what Juliet thinks of Paris does matter. At this point in the play, he seems the perfect picture of a loving and protective father. Of course, Lord Capulet is also a man that demands obedience. After Tybalt's death, he believes that the time is right for Juliet to be married. He no longer cares about her feelings, and he demands her obedience in the matter. He's even insulting to Juliet at this point.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here's a start:     Pros                              Cons

Romeo--             Loyal                       Rebellious            

                        Sense of Humor         Flighty

                        Appreciates Beauty    Impetuous

Juliet--              Independent              Judgemental         

                       Resourceful                Spontaneous

                       Forgiving                   Risk-taker

Nurse--             Loving                      Submissive

                       Protecting                 Witless

                       Good Heart                Indecisive

Paris--              Loving                      Controlling

                       Determined                Pushy

                       Noble                       Cocky

These are all debatable since it is a subjective topic. Now, you take the remaining characters and select three things you consider to be good traits and three you consider to be unfavorable traits. 



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