What are three good and bad qualities of the characters in "Romeo & Juliet"?all the characters.

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Here's a start:     Pros                              Cons

Romeo--             Loyal                       Rebellious            

                        Sense of Humor         Flighty

                        Appreciates Beauty    Impetuous

Juliet--              Independent              Judgemental         

                       Resourceful                Spontaneous

                       Forgiving                   Risk-taker

Nurse--             Loving                      Submissive

                       Protecting                 Witless

                       Good Heart                Indecisive

Paris--              Loving                      Controlling

                       Determined                Pushy

                       Noble                       Cocky

These are all debatable since it is a subjective topic. Now, you take the remaining characters and select three things you consider to be good traits and three you consider to be unfavorable traits. 



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