What are 3 external conflicts for Edward in Twilight?please note that these conflicts need to be mainly about edward thank you

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For Edward, Twilight is filled with external conflicts, or things over which he has no control.  The examples that readily come to mind are those that involve “man against man.” (Or, in this case, sometimes "vampire against vampire!" :)

His desire to protect Bella brings him into repeated conflict with the Trackers. His violent encounter with James leads to the climax of the novel. He also faces conflict at school as he and his siblings do not "fit in" with other students. They are also forced to move in order to hide the fact that they do not age.

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Three external conflicts would be:

Edward vs. Bella's blood- Edward is in a constant struggle with Bella's blood as it constantly "sings" to him.

Edward vs. Bella's Safety- Edward really struggles to protect Bella from all the things that randomly happens to Bella like the van incident and the guys who stalked Bella.

Edward vs Vampire- (Can be argued under Bella's safety as well) This would be the physical fight between Edward and James.

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the overwhelming scent of bellas blood is hard to resist edward doesn't want to be a monster but since he cant read her mind he becomes interested in her and falls in love his love and thirst are battling

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His thirst for Bella's blood made it difficult for him to be around her till he could get it under control. For example, when she discovered what he was he asked her "What do they eat?" and when she said "You won't hurt me" he took her up into the mountains so that she could see why he stays out of the sunlight. That is when he tells her how her blood was like his own personal heroine. Ouch! That's a tough one to control..ha! He shows her how strong he could be "As if she could fight him off" by up rooting a tree. He also gets so close to her making her see how quick he could move and not to trust him. Even though Bella stays strong Edward warns her; her blood; her scent; being human he could hurt her. He could kill her.

Love, Hate, Control....external. Cannot touch or kiss too much. Edward is so consumed with Bella he physically gets sick which makes him hate her at first. Edward also had to control his own physical strength not to attack or hurt Bella. His anger too because he could not read her mind, he could not have her thoughts.

I hope this is what you needed.....jm