What are 3 examples that express the theme "Appearances do not always reflect reality"?

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fretza eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.  Boo Radley is one example.  He looks a bit frightening because he's so pale, as he stays inside his house.  He appears to be a recluse who cares for no one because he meets no one.  He has watched, however, Scout and Jem grow up, and cares for them enough to kill for them.

2.  The ladies of Maycomb.  They look refined and upright, Christian and caring, but when they are having their "ladies' tea", their true thoughts are revealed.  They are bigoted and cruel, thoughtless and proud.

3.  Dolphus Raymond is another example.  He appears to be a drunk, yet he has Coke in the bottle, and pretends to be drunk in order to give the white folk in Maycomb an excuse to criticise him as a drunkard rather than a sober man, living with his black mistress and children.  The whites think it's understandable that a drunk would behave this way.  Dolphus sees his community as it really is.

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