In The Hunger Games, please give some examples of how the actions of characters changed because they were going to be on TV.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What Katniss discovers thanks to her mentor, the drunken Haymitch, is that it is not enough to be quicker, stronger, more deadly and more skilled with weapons than anybody else if you wish to win the games. What will ensure your victory or not is the kind of image that you present to the residents of the Capitol, who are the ones that will sponsor you and enable you to survive. There are a number of examples of Katniss deliberately acting or presenting an image of herself which is not necessarily who she is. We can see this from her very first presentation as Tribute when Cinna dresses her up in a glowing sequinned dress and she is shown to be a girl who loves her sister so much that she volunteered to go on the Hunger Games in her place. We can see it to in the way that Katniss is so obviously aware of the cameras on her face as she is in the games, and plays to them, and finally, and most importantly, we can see it in the way that she pretends to be more in love with Peeta than she actually feels.

Katniss is constantly aware of the cameras, and she therefore tries to think about how she wants to be presented. Consider the following quote:

While I've been concealed by darkness and the sleeping bag and the willow branches, it has probably been difficult for the cameras to get a good shot of me. I know they must be tracking me now though. The minute I hit the ground, I'm guaranteed a close-up.

Image, therefore, is something that is presented as being just as important as skill or survival, and in some ways, even more so.

paulina07 | Student

1. They would try and put up another image because they wanted to impress others.

2. They might have become more confident/attitude because they feel as if they deserve this role and think they're automatically famous and loved by everyone.

3. They sort of become a whole different person and maybe associate with people they normally would hate.

zumba96 | Student

In the games skill is a much needed requirement but what is even more important is how you look in the publics eyes. That's the only way you have a stronger chance of survival, because when Katniss was sure she wouldn't make it she received a gift from a sponsor that greatly helped her in the Games. If you win over the public's heart, you will do much better. 

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