What are three examples of the need for change/resistance to change in To Kill a Mockingbird's Maycomb County?

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Here are three examples of things that need changing in Maycomb:

  • Segregation and Jim Crow Laws.  Maycomb is not alone with its self-imposed separation and predjudicial treatment of the races, and it will be many years before a lasting change will come.
  • Jury Selection.  Maycomb has several problems with the way its juries are selected. Rural residents dominate each jury since local townspeople and businessmen refuse to serve, blaming possible conflicts between friends and financial obligations. Additionally, women are not yet legally allowed to serve, reducing the possible jury pool by one-half.
  • Education Reform.  The inadequacy of Scout's teachers makes it obvious that more competent instructors are required in order to help bring the other children up to Scout's standards.