What are 3 examples of modern genetic technology?

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A recent example would be the transgenic chinook "super salmon", which grows to four times the size of a regular salmon.  Scientists transplanted a genetic code from a fish that exists in cold water, so that it manufactures growth hormone the year round, instead of specific times during the year.  The hopes are to create an abundant supply of salmon to be used for food in combatting world hunger.

A not-so-recent example would be the produce section of your local grocery store.  Selective cross-breeding has been going on for thousands of years in the area of agriculture.  Take corn, for example:  The original corn plant that started the journey to what we know as corn today had tiny cobs that barely supported the kernels that were attached to them.  There is hardly any resemblance to the healthy, hardy, robust ears of corn we have today.

And then, a very recent example would be the manufacture of transplant organs to replace deficient organs.  Tissue is taken from a suitable match, the tissue is controlled and replicated under laboratory conditions to manufacture replacement hearts, livers, and lungs.  This technology is about as "cutting edge" as it gets, still full of unanswered questions, and in the midst of development stages.

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