What are 3 examples of loyalty vs. treachery in Othello?In what acts and scenes are these examples found?

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Act I scene 1 contains a great example of treachery followed by loyalty on the part of Iago.  He tells Brabantio that his daughter is with Othello, hoping to incite a rage against Othello who is not really approved to be with this nobleman of Venice's daughter.  He then immediately returns to Othello trying to show his loyalty as he warns him of the coming anger at he and Desdemona's marriage.

Act II scene 3 contains the bit with Iago telling Roderigo to just be patient, that he will still get him what he wants, namely Desdemona.  Yet Iago is keeping Roderigo around simply as a piece of his plan, again a very clear combination of loyalty and treachery at the same time.

Another example of loyalty and treachery right together is when Emilia is loyal to Iago in giving him the handkerchief which he asked for, and unknowingly she is helping to serve his treachery upon her lady's master, Othello.

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