Can you give 3 examples of conflict in The Red-Headed League?

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The first conflict is with the nature of the job Mr Jabez Wilson takes, which involves copying from an encyclopaedia, and the conditions of appointment for the position which are that the employee has fiery red hair. The advert from page 2 of the story indicates-

All redheaded men who are sound in body and mind and above the age of twenty-one years, are eligible.

The second conflict is that the bizarre appointment ends abruptly, and the Red Headed League cannot be traced. The sign reported on page 4 reveals-

October 9, 1890.

The final conflict is regarding Spaulding, the employee at Mr Wilson’s pawnshop who works for half wages at his own request, and who pointed out the advert to Wilson. We are told on page 2-

I would have a job to pay him but that he is willing to come for half wages so as to learn the business.

 Holmes is able to unpack the case by solving these three conflicts.





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