What are 3 characteristics in the young adult genre of literature?What are 3 characteristics in the young adult genre of literature?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that young adult literature is varied enough to rely upon several elements.  One significant element is the notion of identity.  Young adult literature defines identity in a variety of ways, but it strives to establish what identity is and how it is constructed.  This will reveal another element of the genre which is the role of social forces that help to construct identity.  This might come in the form acting in concert with social peer groups or rebelling against it.  I think that the presence of technology is also a part of the genre, primarily because it is a part of the adolescent culture.  This might involve the use of mobile devices, texting, or emailing.  Finally, I think that young adult literature features a diverse and ecclectic nature of connecting with adults.  There are times when adults are the source of problems and solutions for young people and this literature reflects the challenging nature of these relationships.

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