what is 2x -8y =5   -6x + 24y =15

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What is `2x - 8y = 5`

           `-6x + 24y = 15`

This is a system of 2 equations in which there are multiple ways to solve this problem:  Since both equations are written in the form of 

`ax + by = c` I will use the elimination method to eliminate one variable to solve forthe other.

First, multiply the first equation by 3 to get a = 6, which is opposite to 2nd equation's a value.

`6x - 24y = 15`

add this equation to 2nd equation.

   `6x - 24y = 15`

` <span style="text-decoration: underline; ">(+) -6x + 24y = 15</span> `

This gives us a result of `0 = 30`

Since `0!=30,`

the answer would be: No solution.

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`a_2x+b_2y=c_2`  is given syste of equation.

`a_1/a_2=b_1/b_2!=c_1/c_2`  the system has no solution.



Thus above system of equatios does not posses solution.

The lines in graph do not intersect (parallel) therefore it has no solution.

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