what 20 questions would you ask a person as an eye witness to a drive by shooting?

Expert Answers
dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. What time of day or night did the shooting occur?

2. Do you wear glasses?

3. Did you have the glasses on?

4. Are you near sighted or far sighted?

5. Do you have any other diagnosis related to your vision?

6. When was your last eye exam?

7. Are you color blind?

8. If the shooting occured during the day, what were the weather conditions?

9. Where was the sun?

10. Was the sun in your eyes?

11. Were you wearing sun glasses?

12. Do you have a habit of wearing sun glasses?

13. Did you get a good look at the car?

14. What was the color and make of the car?

15. Are you sure?

16. Did you get a good look at the perp.?

17. What race was the perp?

18. How close to the perp. were you?

19. What color shirt was the perp. wearing?

20. How fast was the car traveling?

rienzi | Student

1. What did you actually see happen

2. what was the date/ day

3. What was the time

4. Besides the driver, how many people did you see in the car

5. Which way was the vehicle going

6. What is the make, model & color

7. Did you see any part of the lic. plate and if so what

8. Do you know or recognize any of the people in the car, if so who

9. Did you see anyone else outside or inside that may have seen what happened

10. Did anyone say anything to anyone at the time, before and after the incident

11. Have you seen the vehicle or any occupant before.

12. Where do you live (address)

13. What's your phone number

14. Are you from the area, how long

15. Do you know the victim(s) if so how do you know them

16. Did you talk to anybody about the incident if so who

17. Do you know if anyone knows anyone that was in the vehicle

18. What were you doing before the incident

19 What did you do after the incident

20. Will you call me with any more information about this that comes to mind or that you find out about