What are 20 companies whose products are entirely produced in the USA?

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There are still a number of companies whose products are considered "made in the USA." According to the United States Federal Trade Commission, "made in the USA" means that "all or virtually all" significant parts and process are made in the USA. Here is a listing of a few companies that claim they are a hundred percent made in the USA:

Pendleton Woolen Mills: blankets and apparel

Brooks Brothers: men's clothes

Carhartt: outdoor/work clothes

Allen Edmonds: work shoes

New Balance: tennis shoes

Stihl: chain saws

Crayola: crayons and other art supplies

Harley Davidson: motorcycles

Stetson: cowboy hats

Merle Norman: makeup and skin care

Tom's of Maine: toothpaste

K'Nex: children's toys

3M/Post-it notes: office supplies

Vermont Teddy Bear Company: teddy bears

Zippos: lighters

Hershey: chocolates

USA Flag Supply Company: American flags

Baggu: bags

Alden Shoe Company: shoes

Duraflame: fire starters and logs

Smith & Wesson: guns and tactical gear

Gibson Guitars: guitars


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