The Master Puppeteer Questions and Answers
by Katherine Paterson

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What are ways that Kinshi shows courage in The Master Puppeteer?

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In the Master Puppeteer Kinishi is the son of puppet master Yoshida and as such is expected to be a talented puppeteer. Yoshida is hard on Kinishi and drives him roughly with writhing criticism and sarcastic insults to his work. Kinishi and the other apprentices endure physical discipline when they fail or do poorly. Kinishi shows his courage when he uses stoic fortitude to withstand his father's harsh educational methods. Kinishi also shows his courage when he draws on samurai teachings of selflessness to conquer his difficulties and the harsh criticism from his father. After all, the samurai blood runs through his veins as well.

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cindyslo | Student

Also, at the end of the book, Kinshi gets his right hand cut off by a police to save Isako, Jiro's mother.