What are 2 strong characteristics of Ralph in The Lord of the Flies?

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ralph is an adventurer. We see this in the opening of the novel when as he and Piggy begin to talk, he is all about playing and swimming and climbing.

Ralph is also an unconscious leader. I mean he knows he is a leader because he has been voted to be the leader, but he doesn't always have the capacity to sort everything out and delegate to the point that people follow. You can't be a leader if no one follows. Although he has the charisma, he lacks the intellect to follow through. We see this in the huts, the fire, (chapter 4) and Jack's choice to leave the group. Ralph called a meeting to clarify to everyone what they weren't doing correctly. Things did not change.

Ralph is moral. Everyone has some sense of good and evil. We each ahve different boundaries and this is clearly displayed in the microcosm of society that the boys become in The Lord of the Flies. Jack for one, has no problem after a while watching death occur. Neither do many of the choir boys that follow him and join his tribe. Ralph goes almost insane in chapters 10-11 after seeing death.

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