What are 2 stakeholders points of view regarding issue of AIDS in Africa and what are some conflicts of interest?

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There are many ways in which to answer this question and things can get very controversial when there are conflicts of interest. Let me give you a few examples of what I am talking about.

First, there are plenty of drugs that can cure and prevent diseases, which are not always given to people who are in need. Part of this is because people cannot afford to get the best drugs. In some cases, they cannot afford to get any drugs. Drug companies are, therefore, put in a difficult position. If they give their drugs away for free or at a reduced prices, they will not be profitable. If they do not give them away, then they are not saving lives. This is great difficulty. When it comes to Africa, drug companies are in a bind, because much of Africa cannot afford drugs. Hence, we see a huge potential conflict. To be sure, there is no AIDS cure, but patients still need drugs.

Second, all humanitarian organization that help with AIDS in Africa are stakeholders and they are at times in conflicts. On the most basic level, one question is how much overhead will each organization spend. The more spent on overhead, the less spent on the people.

As you can see, the issues are not easy.