What are two materials that absorb heat and what are two that radiate heat?

Expert Answers
trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Heat can be transferred between two bodies where there is a difference in temperature by conduction when they are in direct contact. Solids can absorb heat better than liquids or gases, as their molecules are closer together. Materials that absorb heat well are metals. For example, copper or iron would both absorb heat rather quickly and those materials are found in cooking utensils for that reason. Thermal radiation is the electromagnetic radiation given off by a material due to the temperature of the material. A material that radiates heat could be a bonfire. Although the air between the person and the bonfire may be cool, the electromagnetic radiation when it reaches and is absorbed by the person's face, will begin to feel warmer. Another example of a material that radiates heat could be when a blacksmith heats a piece of metal. Thermal radiation will be emitted due to the high temperature of the metal.

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