What are 2 of Jona's major conflicts and their complications in The Giver?Complications: Things that the character must consider before solving or dealing with a conflict.

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The first conflict Jonas has is that he is chosen as Receiver of Memory.  The complication is that he is not sure he is up to the job, and doesn’t understand that he is special.  He learns that he is beginning to see color, and others would not be able to.

Jonas’s most important conflict is how to save Gabriel’s life.  The complication is that if he does not find a way to get both of them out of the community safely, they will both be killed.

When Jonas finds out that Gabriel is going to be Released, he knows he has to find a way to save him.  He has found out that Release is death by lethal injection.  He knows that their absence will be noted, and they will be searched for with planes carrying heat sensors.  They decide to plan their escape during Ceremony day, and use memories of cold to lower their body temperatures so the planes don’t spot them.

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