What are two incidents that depict a significant rising action, climax, near-climax or conflict in The Kite Runner?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

AMIR'S MEETING WITH ASSEF.  Certainly, Amir's return to Afghanistan and his reunion with the Taliban who turns out to be Assef fits your description. The rising action would be Amir's search at the orphanage and visit to the stadium before returning to Baba's old home, now a Taliban headquarters. The climax of this section comes during the fight (conflict) between Assef and Amir, culminating with Sohrab's accurately aimed projectile from his slingshot.

HASSAN'S ASSAULT BY ASSEF.  Another example would be on the day of Amir's victory in the kite-flying contest. The contest itself serves as the rising action, followed by Hassan's attempted retrieval of Amir's winning kite. The climax of this scene comes when Hassan is attacked and sodomized (the conflict) by Assef as Amir watches in silence from a distance.

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