What are 2 examples of human productivity and 2 of consumption habits as related to material resources?

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, one example of productivity would be the forestry industry.  My grandfather and his family were involved with the logging operations during his lifetime.  Trees are cut down, hauled out of the forests, sent to saw mills to be cut into different raw stock of wood planks, then sent to other mills to be further processed.  Much of the wood produced by the saw mills is used in the construction of new homes, which is a major comsumer product.  Another large component of the wood harvested goes into the construction of furniture, which is another large consumer product.

Another example would be the steel industry.  When I was a child, I remember taking trips to Birmingham, Alabama, with my family to visit my uncle, who worked for United States Steel, which was in full production back in those days.  Steel is made from the processing of raw iron ore, mined out of the Earth.  Steel making in the United States has fallen on hard times, but is most recently making a comeback.  Steel is used for a multiplicity of consumer products, like firearms, autombiles, industrial construction, and the such.  Steel is also used widely in the shipping industry, in the construction of large ocean-going vessels, like military war ships and oil tankers.