What are 2 examples of figurative language in Night, and how do they reflect the authors writing style?

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The memoir, Night, is filled with figurative language from start to finish.  In describing Moishe the Beadle, Wiesel states, "...he was as awkward as a clown" (3).  This simile allows the reader to create an impression of Moishe's actions.  Throughout the novella, Wiesel frequently uses comparisons to animals.  Some of the many similes include, "They passed me by, like beaten dogs..." (17), or  "...kill us like that, like cattle in the slaughterhouse" (31).  An example of a metaphor is Elie's description of his mother's face, "...she was walking, her face a mask..." (19).

Through the use of figurative language in Night, one can gain greater insight into the pain and suffering felt by prisoners in the concentration camps.  Wiesel uses comparisons to things the average person understands: a clown, a dog or a mask.  In doing so, Wiesel helps the reader enhance their understanding of the horrfic nature of the Holocaust.

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