What are 2 of dills personality traits?include quotes to prove your anwsers

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ole of Dill in this novel is to present us with a different view of the situation. Dill is an outsider and so sees things differently to the others - this gives us a different perspective and so shows shows us the same situation, just in a different light.

- Dill is also the one who starts all th trouble (with Boo Radley) and is the more interesting and surprising (and adventurous - like you said) character and he keeps you coming back to read more.

- another interesting thing about Dill is his name. Whether Harper Lee did this on purpose or whether it was just coincidental I don't know (but its most probable that it was on purpose). Dill (the word) is a herb which has a strong flavour - it is used to flavour many dishes. Dill (the character) is thought to 'flavour the novel' in a kind of way too. Dill (the word) also refers to a fool or idiot (slang use - old use, we don't really hear people calling each other "you're a dill" to offend them - although they used to in the old days - when this novel was written) and it is quite ironic that Dill is a dill (so to speak - do you get it?)



Dill's real name is Charles Baker Harris, his nickname is Dill)
then keeping that character analysis in mind, think of how you would describe Dill, if you were his brother or babysitter or something (someone who he wouldn't "act" in front of)

then you need to give examples, so I'd read through his character analysis and then go back to the chapters where he's present and see how what he says and what he does would make you describe him the way that you do. hope that helps!



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1. He is a good story teller.

2. He has the ability to make a minor thing into a major thing. For example, when the kids go after Atticus in the middle of the night and the Old Simon banch come infront of the jail to take Tom for lyneching, Atticus protect him and then Scout mahe them relieze that Atticus allways helps them. When they go home Dill tells that the stoped hundreds of people having weapons by simple hands.

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