What are 2 characteristics of Joseph Storm in "The Chrysalids"?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Joseph Storm is the father of David, Mary, and Petra.  He is not a nice guy.  Kind of has a "holier than thou" type attitude.  He does believe that he is a man of God, but the reader learns to think otherwise.  While Biblical scripture does at times show God to be an angry God (think Sodom and Gomorra), the Bible also describes God as a loving father that expresses forgiveness and love constantly.  Joseph Storm, on the other hand, is quite unforgiving.  It is his way, or no way at all.  He has a quick temper and violent tendencies.  Those two things together make him cold hearted toward anybody not in line with his way of thinking.  For example, he beat David for suggesting that he could tie something better if he had another hand.