What is 2+3

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It is important to know that '+' means to pool together the numbers or items that are joined by the addition symbol. So any time we see a '+' we need to count the total of all the numbers strung together by such a symbol. 

So for example:

2 + 3 is 5, or

2 + 3 + 1 is 6, or 

2 + 3 + 4 is 9. 

It can be strange because in math class, the numbers act as nouns. We only have 'one' or 'two'.

However, in language outside of math, numbers act as adjectives. We have 'one apple' or 'three planes' or 'five cats', which can be a little confusing.

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`2 + 3`

To add two numbers,  we have to bring them together. For instance, there are 2 apples in the basket. Then, we put another 3 apples. So, the basket has now 5 apples.

Therefore,  `2 +3 = 5` .

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2+3=5.  For beginners to basic mathematics (addition, subtraction, etc.) it's a good idea to count items instead of relying on memorization.  Fingers, counting blocks, and pennies are all good places to start.

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The correct answer is 5. It may be beneficial to draw a picture (draw 2 circles and draw 3 circles, then count the total number of circles you have) or actually count items such as pennies or beans. 


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2+3=5 Imagine that you have 2 cookies and your friend gives you 3 cookies then how many cookies do you have? For some people counting it out on you hands is easier for them.

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2 + 3

Count the dots:

.. + ...

How many dots do they add up to?


5 is your answer.