what is 16/5 when it is changed to a mixed number

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embizze eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Change 16/5 to a mixed number:

16/5 is called an improper fraction -- the numerator is larger than the denominator. You can convert this to a mixed number; a whole number and a proper fraction.

To convert, realize that a fraction can be thought of as division, so we divide 16 by 5. 5 goes into 16 3 times with a remainder of 1. So you cna think of 16/5 as 15/5+1/5. ((3*5)/5+1/5 )


16/5 is equivalent to 3 1/5


aishukul | Student

16/5. How many times does 16 go into 5? In other words, what number times 5 will give you the closest number to 16? It is 5 times 3 which equals 15. Then you think of how many more numbers do I need to add to get to 16? The answer is 1 since 15+1=16. After you figure this out, you need to leave the denominator of the mixed number the same as the improper fraction. So, the denominator will be 5. This is how it is formatted:``


`3 1/5`

``You can see that when you look at the mixed number and look diagonally left, it is 3 times 5 then you look at the right to add 1. What do you get? 16/5 which is equivalent to the mixed number 3 1/5. So the answer is `3 1/5.`

shmindle | Student

If you are a conceptual person, you can also try grouping.  To change 16/5 into a mixed fraction, imagine there are 16 people, and you want to form groups of 5.  How many groups can you make?   

Well, 5 goes into 15 three times (5+5+5 = 15, or 5x3=15).  So that's 15 people so far, but there are 16 people.  So the one person left is only one-fifth (1/5th) of a group.  In total, there are 3 groups and one fifth of a group.  Now put this back into the context of the question, and you get 3 1/5.  

This works for any problem, but for larger numbers like, say 89/4, it'd probably be easier to try any of the other proposed solutions above.  Good luck!

shonasharma | Student

in front of you, you see 16/5. So, try long division.

divide 16 by 5. find the largest number which multiplies by 5 to give  another number which is the largest multiple of 5 but this time less than 16. and this number is 3, which multiplies by 5 to give you 15.

3 x 5=15, 15 is smaller than 16, so move ahead.

3 is your number so write it down separately. then now you have your 15 with you. next, you subtract your 15 from your 16. you are left with 1. the remainder is 1. 

all you need to do is write 3, then 1 above a denominator which will always be the same denominator from the improper fraction(16/5)

your answer is 3 1/5.

Now, cross check, change your mixed fraction to improper fraction. you do this by multiplying your whole number(3) by the denominator of the fraction(5)

you get 15 and then quickly add the numerator to it(1)

you get 16. now for your improper one just put 16 above the denominator of the mixed fraction(5)

16/5....tadda, your answer is correct.