The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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What are some pieces of information learned from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn about life in that time?

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Quite a bit of cultural information in extant in the text along with some non-cultural details regarding living conditions. 

When looking at the text to identify information about the culture, simply check for facts. Some facts of life in Huck's culture include the use of steamboats on the river, the practice of holding religious revivals, and traveling shows and circuses. 

Living conditions are also an area of interest in the text. The fact that rats and mice were common place then (even more than today) is an indication of living conditions. On a culinary note, Huck mentions food occasionally, describing the types of food that were eaten at the time. 

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1- Slaves where made free as soon as they crossed over to the North

2- Slaves could be made free in their owner's last wills.

3- It was considered to be morally wrong to help a slave escape.

4- The poison of a snake was mitigated by eating a part of the snake.

5- There were people who lived on the wood and other artifacts that the river brought down when it rose.

6- There were strong superstitious beliefs among the blacks.

7- Property that was sold by someone else than its real owner, had to return to the real owner when it was discovered.

8- Families of slaves could be sold separately to different owners.

9 - Captured runaway blacks were imprisoned till their owners could be found.

10- Runaway blacks were advertised through pamphlets with their portrait.

11- The law could take children away from their partets if they were dangerous or abusive.

12- The coming of a play to town caused a great sensation.

13- Beds were mainly made of straw.

14- In some houses, dresses were hanged on the wall and they were covered by a curtain.

15- People were very scared of the smallpox, because it was dangerous at that time.


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